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2 Boys from One Source Talent in Dallas requested to audition for the independent film "Skeletons"

Skeletons is a independent film based on three friends that have dreams of being the best they can be until life happens and sends them down seperate paths. Juwon Hamilton and Alexander English, partners of Hamilton,English & Associates, are a prestigious law firm know for winning cases and protecting their client's reputations and secrets but can they do damage control on their own secrets!  Their secrets that are creeping out of the closet! While in the NFL, Xavier Paige, makes some unwise decisions that will lead him on the path to career homicide.

Watch as Skeletons, the highly anticipated new drama series, brings the twist and turns into the lives of these not-so-ordinary gentleman.

The cast will include Cherie Johnson of Punky Brewster and Family Matters fame.  They are in their second and final round of castings.  The client, Elite Productions, was interested in talented African American boys between the ages of 12 to 15 years old.  Those being seen are:


View Kelvin G - One Source Talent 83446
Kelvin G
View Brady S - One Source Talent 87854
Brady S

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