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Atlanta Talent #126785 Booked In 24: Legacy On Fox

One of our Atlanta area talent let us know she received an opportunity for a reoccurring role on FOX's 24: Legacy. 24: Legacy is an episodic series designed as a spin-off of 24 which was created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran. The show, using real time narration, follows the life of war hero Eric Carter played by Corey Hawkins. Miranda Otto plays Rebecca Ingram, the former head of the now revived Counter Terrorist Unit in the nation's capital. After leading a mission to eliminate terrorist leader Sheik Ibrahim Bin-Khalid, Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins) returns to the United States and finds out that he and his squad are targeted for assassination in retaliation for Bin-Khalid's death. With nowhere else to turn, Carter asks the CTU to help him save his life while stopping one of the largest-scale terror attacks on American soil. The series takes place three years after the events of 24: Live Another Day and is set in Washington, D.C.

Renah got back to us letting us know about her handful of bookings with the series. She was booked as one of the Counter Terrorist Unit members as a reoccurring role, check out her comp card below!


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Renah G

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