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Detroit Talent #124992 Booked For Opening Day McDonald's Promotion

One of our local Detroit area talent, Chelsea R., let us know she was booked for a fun McDonald's promotion in downtown Detroit for the Detroit Tiger's Opening Day. For generations, Opening Day has marked a baseball holiday where young and old alike take the day off to cheer on their teams. The largest crowd for Opening Day Detroit was in 1971, with 54,089 fans cheeing on the Tigers. 

Fans enjoy the chilly day in coats and hats as they pose in front of the iconic Tiger statue, enjoy the carousel, and savor the classic stadium hot dogs and refreshments. Tailgating was in full swing early in the day along with company promotions and block parties around the Tiger's Stadium area. The Tiger's Opening Day is such a local holiday, the local Wayne County Circuit Court officials even gave a break to those slated to appear for jury duty. McDonald's is also offering if the Tiger's score 6, fans get a free 6 piece McNugget!

Chelsea let us know she's having a great time working with the McDonald's promotional crew, and is enjoying the day downtown! Check out her comp card below!


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Chelsea R

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