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What Are the Requirements of A Plus Size Model?

You don't always have to fit the stereotypical model sizes to be a model. There is a category of modeling that has become very popular throughout the years. Even some top modeling agencies have plus size divisions. Many designers use plus size models for their catalog work, fashion show, live modeling, print ads and more. They recognize the substantial market of average size women. Plus size is normally only a category for women (sorry guys).

These woman have figures that are well proportioned. They are photogenic and are over 5'8 in height. The sizes for a plus size model are normally between a dress size 10-16, but can go higher depending on the client. There is a growing market out there for plus size models!



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But yes there is a pressure to be skinny. I remember going through puberty thinking "why am I not like all these other girls in my grade?" who were size zeros to fours and looked hot in everything they wore. Now I have grown to the stage and I know it sounds mean but I think that is icky. I mean yes there are naturally skinny people and they can't help their size either. But for me I think plus size is where all the beauty is.
  Posted By Agence de mannequins Paris | 10/3/11 6:58 AM