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3 of our Michigan talent were booked to be model escorts for the International Motor Sports Hall of Fame! People like Roger Penske is among the attendees as well as the President of Dodge, vice president of Chevrolet, plus the heads of motorsports at Chevrolet, Bridgestone, Dodge, Ford, Mazda, Goodyear, Pirelli and all the major racing organizations in the USA. The client was really happy with our models and said they hit their marks every time! One of our models who worked the event, Sonia Shamoon, had this to say, ", I had a great time and experience last night at the Hall of Fame program.  It was super cool and I did meet a lot of people-- in fact I had the privilege to walk out Mr. Penske.  He was way cool!"

Here's a link to check out some of the photos! 



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