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30 of our L.A. talent were selected to audition for a Anti Bullying poetry vignette video which features poem reading, singing, dancing and rapping. It is being done for Bullies Be Gone. Bullies Be Gone has a purpose of creating a bully-free environment at home and at work. Their motto is based around the idea to create bully-free relationships with spouses, partners, children, teens, friends, parents, bosses, co-workers, and employees.

All of the talent requested to audition are teenagers. If any of our talent are booked for a role in the project will be compensated by the client. Good luck to all of our teens that made it out to the audition for this great opportunity for a worthy cause!


Callidus Agency in Dallas requested to intreview with 16 of our Dallas talent! A representative from Callidus will be at our Irving office over a period of two weekends meeting with the talent. Talent will get a chance to receive representation by Callidus if interviews go well. 

Callidus Agency was founded in 2010 by John Kolinofsky for Sports and Entertainment representation. Prior to Callidus, Mr. Kolinofsky worked for AQUA, LLC a full-service talent agency located in Los Angeles, CA. Callidus is a full-service licensed and SAG Franchised Texas Talent Agency located in Dallas, TX and currently represents Athletes, Entertainers, and Models. We will keep you informed if some of our talent are offered a contract!

Angela S was requested to audition for an upcoming health care photo shoot. They were looking for models to appear in their marketing materials for a Hydrafacial treatment. The shoot is set to take place on December 29th.

If booked for the photo shoot, she would be paid a flat rate for the 6 hour shoot. Good luck, Angela!

25 of our Miami talent have been requested to audition for a photo shoot for Beyond and Above. They are auditioning for a half day of print modeling and small video clips for a online training manual for a private jet flight attendant school.

If anyone is chosen they will be paid for the shoot. Good luck to all of our talent that attended auditions this past weekend.

L.A. talent Diamond White has been requested to meet with the senior casting director of America's Got Talent!  She is set to meet with her this week for a chance to be on the show.

You may remember her as our talent who appeared on Broadway's "The Color Purple" and who recently wrapped up her run for the Las Vegas showing of "The Lion King"! Good luck Diamond!

4 of our Dallas talent have been chosen to audition for the short film, "D Town King". The film is about Kingston Jackson, a young menace that grew up on the streets of Dallas Tx thought his soul existence was money and power, began building his empire with the salvage thugs of Oakcliff, Tx. King thought all he ever needed was in the streets until he met Nia, a young dime piece from the suburbs who he was skeptical about introducing his world to. King's shadowy past leads him to prison and Nia with a safe full of money and a life of discovery.

Six years later noticing time doesn't wait for no man, being broke is not a option, King is forced back to his criminal ways and tries to pick up where he left off. Nia, now a college graduate is unknowingly is entering F.B.I Academy when their worlds collide, will their love stand the test of time or will this be handled with street justice. They were casting several different roles for the film. It is set to shoot for three weeks starting in mid-December. Good luck to everyone who auditioned for the film!

15 of our New York models were requested to audition to be apart of New York Fashion Week 2012. The client will be casting 100 runway fashion models for The NewYork Fashion Week 2012 semi-annual event presenting collections by top fashion designers from around the world! This is such an amazing opportunity for our high fashion models.

They are set to audition this week. We'll let you know who is chosen and which designers they will be walking for!

L.A. talent Brandon Howell and Rocky Morales were selected to meet with the manager of Hollister Valencia. The models will be auditioning to be shirtless door models for Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch stores during the holiday season! They will receive a free outfit and pay is $100-$200 for 5-8 hours if booked.

This is a great opportunity because many times the company will use their store models in their ads! Congratulations and good luck to both of our L.A talent!

Over 50 Detroit talent were requested to be available for a Kelly Vincler TNG Worldwide Tiffany Awards Event. This year, TNG worldwide will be celebrating its ninth year presenting the Tiffany Hairdresser of the Year Award. The 2011 Tiffany competition encompasses an innovative approach to fashion, hairstyle and entertainment. If any of our models are booked for the runway show during the event, they will be walking at the Andiamo Celebrity Showroom benefiting the American Cancer Society and presented by TNG Worldwide.

A great opportunity for a great cause! Good luck to all of our models!

31 of our Michigan talent were contacted about the Feature Film "Sparkle" for the lead role of Aretha Franklin and also for the Smothers Brothers look-a-likes. The film will be shooting for a total of 6 weeks in Detroit. The film, set in Detroit during the height of the Motown era, follows the journey of a family of musically-driven sisters as they perform their way up from neighborhood jazz joints to the packed house of the Fox Theatre. 

If booked, talent will be compensated. Good luck to all of our talented Michigan talent!

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