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Over 100 of our New York teens have been requested to audition for the upcoming anti-bully film "Red Head Randy". The client is auditioning our teens ages 13-18 for the shoot.

Red Head Randy is a feature film about a high school student named Randy who is bullied and beat up for being different. Classmates make fun of him because he is a homosexual. They tease him about his red hair, his clothes and the way he talks. They call him derogatory comments like faggot, ginger kid & foreign freak everyday. The kids gave him the nickname "RedHead Randy" and created a cyberbully site where they posted mean and hateful things about him. They made his years in high school a living hell. Feeling lonely and abandoned Randy committed suicide to escape from his life. Like many other children who have made this deadly decision, Randy felt he had no other way out. But there was something very different about Randy. His sadness turned to pure anger. Randy cried so much that his tears turned to blood. He had become so enraged in vengeance that his spirit turned evil. The anger he felt tainted his soul. It became possessed at the moment of death. His spirit returned to earth to seek revenge on all bullies, everywhere. But first, he must start with the kids who bullied him. Randy warns his victims of their demise by writing "Red Head Randy was here" in blood on the walls.

Our talent will take part in auditions all this month.

New York talent Andrew Dorph has been booked for an upcoming Discovery Channel show shoot! The show is called "Commander in Chief". It is a reenactment show. The will be playing the Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates! The shoot is set to take place on October 9th and 10th! Andrew has only been a talent with us for a month. Congrats Andrew, we can't wait to see the show!

4 of our Dallas men were requested to audition for an upcoming alcoholic beverage campaign photo shoot. They were looking for males of various Hispanic descents and those who had a Latin feel to them. The chosen talent will portray passionate and rowdy soccer fans. The chosen talent will be paid 800.00 for the half day shoot.

The ad is set to run for 4 months POS and on the web. Congrats to our lucky 4 Dallas talent that were chosen! We'll keep you posted as to whether any of them get picked or not for the ad!

2 of our D.C. based kids have been booked for a recreation that is being done for Investigation Discovery. 7 year old Mana Shad and 12 year old Sila Bozdemir will shoot for the show this coming weekend for an episode of "Who the Bleep Did I Marry?" The girls will play school children in the episode. They will be paid a flat rate for the shoot.

We'll let you know when their episode is set to air so you can check them out!

We are so excited to let you know that our Miami talent Mick Isaacs was booked to play a doc worker on the feature film "Step Up 4"! Mick called us after and told us he had a great time on set, the shoot went really well and he can't wait to see what's next for him! He was the standard non-union rate for the shoot.

Mick has been a talent with us since June. Make sure to look for him in the film!

Los Angeles Talent Benjemin B and Brandon G have been chosen to be trade show models for an upcoming promotion for Sahlman Williams. Sahlman Williams is a public relations and marketing company for the Food and Beverage Industry.

The talent will be the bodyguards around the Sahlman Williams area. Both talent will be paid for the event, however the pay is still being determined! Congratulations to all of the chosen talent! What an exciting show this will be!

Chicago talent Tetyana Koval has been requested to audition to be the lead role in an upcoming documentary. It is for the story of Norwegian Runner Monika Korr, who was kidnapped at gunpoint, sexually assaulted, and thrown on the side of the road for dead. Surviving this experience spoke up and now all three predators are behind bars. It's a story of Strength and Perseverance as a Woman and Athlete.

Take a look at her story here:

3 of our Michigan talent were booked to be model escorts for the International Motor Sports Hall of Fame! People like Roger Penske is among the attendees as well as the President of Dodge, vice president of Chevrolet, plus the heads of motorsports at Chevrolet, Bridgestone, Dodge, Ford, Mazda, Goodyear, Pirelli and all the major racing organizations in the USA. The client was really happy with our models and said they hit their marks every time! One of our models who worked the event, Sonia Shamoon, had this to say, ", I had a great time and experience last night at the Hall of Fame program.  It was super cool and I did meet a lot of people-- in fact I had the privilege to walk out Mr. Penske.  He was way cool!"

Here's a link to check out some of the photos!

Chicago talent Darlene Ignaszewski has been booked for an upcoming medical facility commercial. It is being done for the Orthopedic and Shoulder Center. The Orthopedic and Shoulder Center performs many types of orthopedic surgery serving Normal IL, and the surrounding area.

She will be paid a flat day rate for the one day shoot. If you are in the local area, keep your eye out for the commercial to air! Best of luck to Darlene on this exciting booking!

We have some exciting news to share. 11 of our Michigan talent have been booked to be in a Mahi Mahi Fish Grill commercial! Mahi Mahi Fish Grill is a restaurant located in Novi. Our talent were booked to play waitresses, cooks and patrons!

The talent were paid an hourly rate for the shoot. The commercial will air locally so everyone in the local Detroit are, keep a look out for it! Congratulations to all of our Michigan talent that were selected! 

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