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Over 50 of our New York kids have been chosen to be in an upcoming music video.  The video is for the band Spankrock, for their song "Baby".  In the video essentially the artist will be performing the song for the kids.  They will be sitting in the stands in a gymnasium and cheer occasionally.  

The kids are set to shoot this video this coming Saturday. They are all really excited to be apart of it. We will post it up once it is completed!

Well, as expected The Hangover Part 2 swept the box office this week and now holds the title of the highest grossing opening of a live-action comedy film ever grossing $137.3 million dollars in it's opening weekend alone! The film has been getting mixed reviews from critics, but that hasn't stopped the public from going to see the film.

Did you go see the movie? If so, we want to know what you thought, let us know!

It's official, Mariah Carey is a mom just in time for Mother's Day. The singer and her husband Nick Cannon welcomed twins, a boy and a girl this past Saturday morning. The baby girl was the first born and she weighed in at 5lb 3oz and measuring 18 inches and her brother arrived minutes later at 5lb 6oz and 19 inches. It has been reported the babies have not yet been names.

She gave birth on the couples 3rd wedding anniversary. Congrats to the family!

Stephen Clarke Has 2nd Audition for

Everyone keep your fingers crossed for New York actor Stephen Clarke. He had a callback for the film, "Lakehouse" starring Adam Sandler.

The 10 year old auditioned to play Kevin James role in the film at a younger version of him. He has only been a member with us since March! He will be paid the SAG rate if he is chosen. ....

  The Oscars | One Source Talent Blog

We think these are the top three actors who should have won an Oscar already!  They have all been nominated, but just could not win.  Cast your vote and tell One Source Talent who you think will win an Oscar first! ....

  Who will Win an Oscar First?   From Thursday, 11/13/2008

34% (192 votes)
Leonardo DiCaprio
52% (299 votes)
Johnny Depp
14% (80 votes)
Edward Norton

Leslee Litrich Best Halloween Costume | One Source Talent Blog


Well it was up to the voters to decide which of the four Halloween costumes were the best and Leslee Litrich won by a land slide!  She won a free ....

One Source Talent is having a very hard time picking this years winner for the Photo Contest of Best Halloween Costume, so we are having you vote for it.  We picked out the four costumes that we ....

  Finalists: Best Halloween Costume - CAST YOUR VOTE!   From Monday, 11/03/2008

19% (273 votes)
Brianna Martin - Bucket of Pop Corn
9% (137 votes)
Nicholas Bravo - Pirate "Captain Jack Sparrow"
26% (373 votes)
Davon Hill - Fresh Prince of "Schaumburg"
46% (660 votes)
Leslee B - Macdonald's Ketchup and Fries

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We all love celebrities... and recently celebrities have been loving each other...getting married and having some babies! It seems to be a trend the last couple years and we want to ask you... if you could swap and have some celebrity parents, which couple would you chose?

A. The Beckhams - David and Victoria Beckham

 The Beckham Family - One Source Talent

David and Victoria are probably one of the hottest celebrity couples out there. I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to call Victoria mommy and David daddy. haha. I mean it's Posh Spice!!... Tell me what you want, what you really, really want! I want Victoria!.... and  I don't need to say much about David either...taking America by storm with his soccer ball and briefs! ....

  Celebrity Parent Swap - Which Celebrity Parents Would You Swap With?   From Tuesday, 06/17/2008

11% (110 votes)
Jessica Alba and Cash Warren
4% (39 votes)
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
10% (96 votes)
David and Victoria Beckham
39% (378 votes)
Jada and Will Smith
5% (52 votes)
Nicole Richie and Joel Madden
31% (299 votes)
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

The reality/semi scripted MTV show The Hills is extremely hot right now. I am sure most of you are very familiar with the spin-off of the highly successful Laguna Beach, which follows LC (Lauren Conrad) to LA in pursuit of her dream job in the fashion industry. ....

  Who do you Love to Hate on MTV's The Hills?   From Thursday, 10/18/2007

58% (586 votes)
19% (190 votes)
9% (87 votes)
2% (20 votes)
Jen Bunny
2% (17 votes)
2% (16 votes)
9% (91 votes)
Justin "Bobby" (Audrina's Boyfriend)

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