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Irene Daphne M  TALENT ID: 109122

  • ETHNICITY: Caucasian
  • CITY: Greenwich
  • STATE: Connecticut
  • HEIGHT: 5' 9
  • WAIST: 26
  • CHEST: 24B
  • HIPS: 39
  • DRESS: 6
  • SHOE SIZE: 10.0
  • HAIR LENGTH: Very Long
  • EYE COLOR: Brown

  • I sing, I love to practice acting in my free time, I am very photogenic. I strive for my goals and I complete my goals. I have faith, inspiration in life, and a optomistic attitude because negativity gets nobody anywhere.


As a young child in middle school I attended a theater program and took acting classes. I have been singing and writing my own songs since I was a young child and I have started teaming up with my cousin in his recording studio singing covers and songs that I personally write. I just recently started working on my copy writed song with him called " I still want you back again " and I am still working on writing other songs to record after I finish completing " I still want you back again ". I love to act, sing, and model for any camera. My family and friends inspire and motivate me to become sucessful. I have alot of faith, confidence, and I am a hard worker I strive for what I want to be. I believe that theres a difference between saying you can do something and actually doing it. I believe that dreams and goals dont happen magically, you need to work hard and go through obstacles to complete your goals. I have experience as a makeup atrist. I attended Marinello Schools Of Beauty two months and and finished my five week makeup atrist class last month, I am now officially a makeup artist.  I love art, when I was in third grade I had private art lessons done in my house. I love to belly dance and to try new types of dancing during my free time. I have just recently completed my internship at a preschool and I gained experience working with children. I have done three song covers in my cousins recording studio. I have recorded covers of " all about that bass " - Meghan Trainor, " Sometimes " - Brittany Spears,  and " Everytime " - Brittany Spears. I strive to become sucessful and to accomplish every goal I strive to complete. I thank OST for believing in me and I thank my family and friends for supporting me in what I love to do.

Resume Modeling
2015 Actress/Model/Singer
Diverse, One Source Talent

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