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Laila A  TALENT ID: 29194

  • ETHNICITY: Middle Eastern
  • CITY: Dearborn
  • STATE: Michigan
  • HEIGHT: 5' 3
  • WAIST: 24
  • CHEST: 34C
  • HIPS: 36
  • DRESS: 4
  • SHOE SIZE: 7.0
  • HAIR COLOR: Black
  • HAIR LENGTH: Shoulder Length
  • EYE COLOR: Brown
Skills Athletics: Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, Swimming and Basketball.

Dance: Hip Hop, African and Ballet

Languages: English and Arabic

I can sing. I have been in the school choirs since I was 12yrs old up till my senior year in high school. I sang at a saprano, med-sap, and alto level. I haven't had any vocal lessons since but still get up and do karaoke every now and then.

I can somewhat imitate Australian and British accents.
Experience I featured as an Extra in Virgin on Bourbon Street this past november in a club scene which took place at Elysium night club's bar ...Main roles played by Rob Schneider and Jenna Dewan.

I am in the Family business commercial which is aired on the local T.V channels and at the southgate movie theatre.

I shot an educational lesson on how to build a computer for the local high school which mainly used my voice...

I was involved in a musical during my time as a Senior in 2008. I vocalized as an alto, mid-sap and saprano.
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