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One Source Talent is an industry leading service for the modeling and acting communities.  Founded in 2003, we've been successful in launching the industry careers of thousands upon thousands upon thousands of aspiring talent.  Just check out some of their success stories.  It is, has been and always will be our drive and focus to help models and actors fulfill their dreams and reach their goals in this extremely competitive and often confusing industry.

Modeling is highly regarded as high fashion or runway but it's much more diverse.  Successful models are not just super tall and skinny.  Models of all shapes and sizes can find success at some level.   Think of all the advertisements online, in print or on TV.  Most have no relation to being considered a Supermodel yet there they are... modeling.

Acting is even more varying.  From young to old, with the right drive and a little talent an actor can almost be anyone, anywhere.  From local theater to major motion pictures, actors are more prevalent than ever especially with the growth of 'reality' television.  An actor isn't just the obvious anymore and acting isn't always about gift or training.  Many times, it can be more about the look then the skill which can blur the lines for models and actors and open even more possibility.

If the industry is something you have an interest in, we encourage you to apply with us by clicking the image to the left.  We have relationships with more than countless industry pros across the U.S. who regularly use our talent to fill their projects.  In fact, you have probably seen our talent on some of your favorite shows, advertisements or even movies!

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