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Below you will find actual One Source Talent Reviews from our talent.  They have taken the time to share their personal experience as actors and models.  These are submitted to us, unsolicited, on a daily basis.

One Source Talent's primary goal as an organization is to have our talent find success in the entertainment industry; whether it is as a model, an actor or both!  Their successes range from major motion pictures to indie films; national print ads to local shoots; working with industry superstars to the next big thing.  We are so proud of what our talent have done and continue to do.

The success story of Irene Daphne M - One Source Talent
Irene Daphne M. 109122
I recently had a photo shoot with Rex Lott Photography and OST has been the best experience of my life! Thank you!
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The success story of Katrina R - One Source Talent
Katrina R. 104916
I booked the sequel to the feature film Divergent called Insurgent! I did a few days of boot camp to get ready for the film but the work dates are still unknown after that. I also booked the AMC TV show Halt and Catch Fire on Friday last week as well through One Source and I was also at a Chevron commercial shoot earlier last week. Thank you OST!
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The success story of Olivia K - One Source Talent
Olivia K. 95040
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The success story of Ava M - One Source Talent
Ava M. 102142
My name is Ava and I am excited to say that because of One Source I recently was an extra for the NBC show Chicago PD!! It was such a fun experience. I've also done a TBS fashion show. I've only been with One Source for 3 months! Thanks OST!
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The success story of Rizmeq A - One Source Talent
Rizmeq A. 98369
Thank you so much OST ...Last week I got a call that a casting company would like to book me to work on Movie Alvin & The Chipmunks Road Chip 4. I was so happy when my mom told me, as I am a big fan and I watched all Alvin & Chipmunks movies. YES!! This morning I was in the shooting and Dave (Jason Lee) gave me thumbs-up and high-five and told me Good Job Riz! It was a long day, I spent 8+ hours with cast & crew, but I enjoyed and it was so much fun. One Source Talent has given me the opportunity to put my face and my talent out there. "All our dreams can come true, If we have the courage to p
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The success story of Tamyra S - One Source Talent
Tamyra S. 96565
I'm Tamyra Snell, thanks to OST for the last two auditions that I've had. I was called for a broadway tour "The Road to Redemption" and the " Grandfather Project"! My audition for the broadway road tour, proved to be in my favor. I received a positive go for the part which is in Seattle, Washington. I'm now just waiting to push out a few more details with the directors and hopefully according to the directors I'll be on the road showing at least for the next 12-18 months. This is a awesome opportunity as well as paid position, that will also afford me a great opportunity to gain experience ev
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The success story of Tatiana Y - One Source Talent
Tatiana Y. 99792
Tatiana was requested to audition for America's Got Talent in Santa Clara. She stood out and was asked to do several promo photos. She would have never done this type of audition if not for OST! The best is yet to come for Tatiana. Thank you OST!
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The success story of Diamond S - One Source Talent
Diamond S. 86967
I had such a wonderful experience being the mini Beyoncé for the toddlewood 2015 Grammys Tricia messerroux is awesome to work with
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