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Below you will find actual One Source Talent Reviews from our talent.  They have taken the time to share their personal experience as actors and models.  These are submitted to us, unsolicited, on a daily basis.

One Source Talent's primary goal as an organization is to have our talent find success in the entertainment industry; whether it is as a model, an actor or both!  Their successes range from major motion pictures to indie films; national print ads to local shoots; working with industry superstars to the next big thing.  We are so proud of what our talent have done and continue to do.

The success story of Tatiana Y - One Source Talent
Tatiana Y. 99792
Tatiana was requested to audition for America's Got Talent in Santa Clara. She stood out and was asked to do several promo photos. She would have never done this type of audition if not for OST! The best is yet to come for Tatiana. Thank you OST!
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The success story of Diamond S - One Source Talent
Diamond S. 86967
I had such a wonderful experience being the mini Beyoncé for the toddlewood 2015 Grammys Tricia messerroux is awesome to work with
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The success story of Anjelaila S - One Source Talent
Anjelaila S. 93305
I had my first auditions this past weekend, I was really nervous, but I made through, I landed my first modeling job, it's for a bridal expo, even though it's no pay, but it's the experience I need. Thank you One source talent.
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The success story of Alexis B - One Source Talent
Alexis B. 100628
I have been with OneSource for 3 months and just got my first job. I will be in the Jahazara Bridal Show. I am so thankful for OneSource helping me get this opportunity and helping me reach my dream of becoming a model!
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The success story of Jessica D - One Source Talent
Jessica D. 101058
I recently started with One Source Talent and my first offer was to play a lead role in a short docudrama. I actually got a speaking role my first time out! I'm really looking forward to future opportunities.
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The success story of Tiana G - One Source Talent
Tiana G. 102780
I am very excited to see what's to come for me since joining ost. Its been less than a week since I have joined and I have already been requested to be apart of a fashion show. Yay me!!!!! There is only a matter off time before ost help me make my dreams of becoming a model/actress come true
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The success story of Isla B - One Source Talent
Isla B. 87201
I have been modeling since October 2014. I have done two fashion shows in Chicago and will be doing a 3rd Show in March 2015. I've modeled for a fashion shades designer and will be modeling for Fibre by Rae in March. I've done photo shoots with fashion photographer Mark Anthony, of Models Inc. Magazine.
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The success story of Jacob G - One Source Talent
Jacob G. 91505
Everything has definitely been great so far, as I have wrapped a couple of independent feature films I was cast in as well as my most recent role playing cartel member Lt. Gamboa on NBC hit television show, Chicago PD. I have also recently been added on the IMDb website, so very greatful for the opportunities that have come my way and the ones yet to come!
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