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Below you will find actual One Source Talent Reviews from our talent.  They have taken the time to share their personal experience as actors and models.  These are submitted to us, unsolicited, on a daily basis.

One Source Talent's primary goal as an organization is to have our talent find success in the entertainment industry; whether it is as a model, an actor or both!  Their successes range from major motion pictures to indie films; national print ads to local shoots; working with industry superstars to the next big thing.  We are so proud of what our talent have done and continue to do.

The success story of Shawn B - One Source Talent
Shawn B. 88753
I've been requested to do a movie starring the legendary Johnny Depp coming up and I'm very much excited to hopefully work with one of the great actors I admire to be like one day. Thanks One Source Talent for the opportunity!
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The success story of Milton M - One Source Talent
Milton M. 92413
Since I have joined One Source Talent I have been keeping busy with numerous auditions and parts. I've been working on everything from plays to roles in films. I've gotta admit it, I'm glad to be a part of OST.
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The success story of Shieda M - One Source Talent
Shieda M. 91765
After being with One Source Talent for only a month I have already had tremendous casting opportunities. I was even selected to walk in "The Walk" fashion show this coming May! I am super excited! Thanks OST for everything!
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The success story of Gerald W - One Source Talent
Gerald W. 88744
I was recently booked to be on the TV show NASHVILLE, and as I'm sitting and waiting until it's time for my part Hayden Panettiere walked past smiling at me. She complimented that I was cute and always ready for the camera. She's one of my favorite actress, so it was the best day I've had in a very long time. Thanks One Source Talent!
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The success story of Tamesha M - One Source Talent
Tamesha M. 88670
OST has helped my dreams come true. while working with them these past couple of months I have been booking jobs back to back and I'm loving every second of it. Being able to live my dream and meet so many amazing people just reminds me why I wanted to become an actress in the first place! I am excited to see where this road takes me. I wouldn't have as many opportunities if it wasn't for One Source, and for that I am forever grateful! I can't wait to get back on set tomorrow!
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The success story of Yuri T - One Source Talent
Yuri T. 82270
Thanks to One Source Talent I recently had the opportunity to shoot for another amazing clothing line! I love One Source Talent! Thanks for all the amazing opportunities.
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The success story of Reagan S - One Source Talent
Reagan S. 89707
I have been with One Source Talent for two months and I have been a featured extra in two separate films being premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and currently working on a TV pilot for NBC. I am so happy that my first paycheck is from NBC Productions! I also have had a few modeling jobs and am enjoying the complete change of pace modeling gives versus acting. I have definitely been keeping busy these past two months! Thank you for the access to open up these opportunities!
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The success story of Pamela M - One Source Talent
Pamela M. 90508
There are so many great opportunities here! 6 weeks after becoming a member of OST, I landed my first role in a short film and I am looking forward to many more, Thanks OST!
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