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The success story of Michelle S - One Source Talent
Michelle S. 8855
Michelle S. Talent ID # 8855 was accepted to join OST on May 2, 2005 and soon after was booked for a runway show at Lush Barroom for Salon 6. She was then booked as a promo model for Brushpicks at the Detroit Festival of the Arts, and a promotion for Axe body spray. Great job Michelle!
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The success story of Tischel D - One Source Talent
Tischel D. 5491
Tischel D. Talent ID # 5491 joined OST on August 23, 2004. Since then she has been booked for the Venus Diva catalog and was booked for a test shoot with Zaftique Great job Tischel!
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The success story of Christina K - One Source Talent
Christina K. 7995
Christina K. Talent ID # 7995 joined OST on March 8, 2005 and soon after was signed with the Affiliated Group. Then she was booked for the Hush Puppy Fashion Show in Grand Rapids! Great job Christina!
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The success story of Summer V - One Source Talent
Summer V. 5759
Summer V. Talent ID # 5759 joined OST on September 17, 2004 after she was scouted at the local mall. She was soon booked to appear on the UPN show "Veronica Mars!" Then she was booked to appear in "Point Pleasant!" Great job Summer!
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The success story of Benjamin C - One Source Talent
Benjamin C. 8062
Benjamin C. Talent ID # 8062 was accepted to join OST on March 11, 2005. Soon after, he was called to do a cold read for a part in the ovie "DETROIT HOOPZ" staring Fredro Starr("Q" from the UPN show "Moesha"). He was cast in the role of "Coach Jones." He says, "I''m really excited about what has happened. This is a great opportunity for me, plus I get paid too. IT CAN HAPPEN you guys!" Great job Benjamin! We''ll see you on the big screen!
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The success story of Nicholas M - One Source Talent
Nicholas M. 7710
Nick M. Talent ID # 7710 was accepted to join OST on February 15, 2005. After only three weeks now he was selected to be in "ClubWorld," a theatrical representation of the club nightlife at the legendary China Club. He, along with his 8-man Hip-Hop dance team "On Point," will be among many performing in "ClubWorld" starting April 2nd. Congratulations Nick!
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