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Mary J Talent ID 79956
Afton, MI
Member since February 2013

Hi everyone, I just finished my two photo shoots last week. It was fun working with different photographers for collaboration work. Besides, I have also a great news! I am representing my country to compete for Pure International Pageants at Orlando,FL in June! Right now I have a title of Pure International Elegant Ms. Philippines. I need to keep going and never give up! Thanks to OST Unagency.

Hi everyone!
I would like to say I am proud being a part of OST.
Working on different local movies then being an extra on Hollywood film is awesome.
Last couple week I just had my fashion photo shoots (6looks) from one of the professional photographers downstate and that was a wonderful experience as model.
Being a singer,dancer,model and actress I never give up.

Thank you OST

Mary Jean

Just want to let you know that I'm just done working on the big movie.It's unbelievable to work
with some actors from Hollywood.Being an extra is something because you're already part of the movie.Then I got a call just this morning to audition for one movie at Ann Arbor.And this weekend I have a fashion photo shoot for clothing company. Onesourcetalent is a blessing to me,I am motivated in spite of obstacles sometimes.But one thing I could say,never give up!

Mary Jean

Hello there,
So happy to say I got a call to be an extra in the next couple days for Warner Bros movie.
I can't wait to work day and night for it.Just getting excited!

Thanks OST

Mary Jean

Hi everyone! I am excited to play my role as a mother on the upcoming movie
"My Daughter's Wedding Day". Thanks to OST for making me gets motivated and not giving up.

I just finished my Tops and Shorts Outdoor Photography. That was an awesome experience outdoor too. I can't wait for the next modeling opportunity.

Mary Jean

Hello! I am proud to inform you that I just did my Denim mini-skirt Fall style Fashion Photo Shoot with Yvonne Lashuay Photography.

I can't wait to do more exciting things here.

Hooray to One Source Talent!

Mary J

Hi! I have been selected as Print and Promotional Model for the coming Destiny-Fashion and Talent Extravaganza in Detroit.

Then I made it to my audition at A Big Girl's Revenge Stage Play/Productions.

Thanks One Source Talent!

Hi! I just want to share as part of my excitement that I got picked by the Papou featured film to be one of their Extras.

I can't wait to see more opportunities coming up.

Mary J

Hey One Source Talent, I just wanted to share the exciting news with you that I've been chosen to be an extra in the feature film "The Light". Also, I recently got a call from a professional photographer to model for Bebe clothing company, and in the next 2 days I have a sunset photoshoot and will be doing runway modeling for the designer Maya James.

I have been having amazing experiences because of One Source Talent. Thanks!

Well, it is time to share my fantastic experience here. I had a blast and so much fun during my photo shoot with Scott Sprague. The professionalism was awesome! That was so exciting and unforgettable. The Meet and Greets are incredible as well. I've learned many things from them and I want to learn more in the long run. I also auditioned for a local Fashion Show (my first one). Thank you OST for everything. The real deal.

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