Ujvesa B Talent ID 111861
Warren, MI
Member since August 2015

My name is Ujvesa blakaj, I feel very very blessed and HAPPY to have a family that supports me on every step of my life, I now feel like One Source Talent is a part of my family! The best part of this is that I'm not in this alone I have my brother enrolled in One Source Talent too, we are both sooo happy! We enrolled in July and we went to 3 evaluations it was so good to hear that OST wants to work with both of us! After only two weeks we had a photo shoot! It was an amazing day for us, we had so much fun! In September we were able to attend a meet & greet, the teacher taught us so much about acting. I’m so glad I went to the class. We were also able to meet a successful model also enrolled in OST. She too taught us a lot about modeling, we are so glad we were able to meet her. We took her advice and were cast to walk in our first fashion show! This has been such a great experience in such a short period of time! I can't wait to audition for movies and do more modeling! I can't wait to see what's next for the both of us! Thank you a million times One Source Talent!

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