Angelika L Talent ID 122746
Silver Spring, MD
Member since June 2016

I am awesomely surprised and impressed! I signed up with NINE9 less than 3 weeks ago and today I received my first booking for a scene on a major Netflix series!! The D.C. office has an amazing staff - Jennifer Chavez reassured me that there IS a place for "older talent" who are committed to making their dreams become a reality. She and Michael Zakar have provided the personal attention to get my career off the ground. NINE9 as an "un-agency" offers services, educational tools & workshops and the personal touch not provided by other on-line talent websites (I belong to one of these and they had the same casting listing (HOC) but no word from them about pushing me through to get the part). You have real people you can meet with, learn from and improve your skills. I just attended a workshop on Auditioning Techniques for Film & TV by Mark McKinnon who was a wealth of information on what the casting directors are looking for - such critically helpful advice! Once again, THANK YOU for taking an interest in me - I intend to be one of your best success stories! Angelika Lorenz

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