One Source Talent Scam: Is One Source Talent a Scam?


You may have heard about our company and, as inquiring minds tend to do when it's something unknown, asked yourself "Is One Source Talent legit?" or "Is One Source Talent a scam?"


We want to take a minute to address these concerns and questions and any thought to if One Source Talent is a scam, legit or fraud and any possible bad reviews.


First, it's important to understand what is One Source Talent. We are not an agency. We are a service for the acting and modeling communities helping aspiring talent get started and find a foothold within an industry where it is often difficult to find success. We do not collect a percentage of income from our talent's bookings and look to provide support and tools necessary. As required by law, we are bonded within the state of California and have over a dozen offices nationwide.


As well it's important to understand that more conventional "agencies" will withhold a percentage of earnings from all successful bookings of their talent. For new talent that they had to put forth the cost or photos, comp cards and other marketing materials (always done through the agencies connections and never chosen by the talent), they will usually hold all monies earned until the thousands have been recouped by the agency and, if they talent never completes enough jobs to return the cost in full, the talent has been known to be separately responsible to reimburse the agency even after representation ends. Nothing is free.


Next, it's important that you understand that the entertainment industry as a whole is extremely competitive and unfortunately sometimes can get a little dirty. Now we would certainly never assert that a competitor would post false accusations or reviews on sites like or create fake press releases that spin us in a bad light or even tell potential talent not to join One Source Talent because we are a scam. We won't make such assertions but other companies might.


To be very clear, One Source Talent does not participate or condone such practices. Since our inception in 2003 it has been company policy to never criticize, bad mouth or otherwise be derogatory towards another company in this industry regardless of whether they are a competitor or not and regardless of their practices. We believe the focusing on being positive for the talent and providing the best possible service available is more important to the longevity of our organization. As we approach our tenth anniversary and with thousands upon thousands of successful talent working in this industry, it would appear that mentality is the right one.


It was once said "Wise men never argue with fools because people from a distance cannot tell who is who".


One of the largest concerns some seem to have about One Source Talent being a scam is that we require an upfront fee and that "talent agencies" do not. That "talent agencies" only take a percentage of your earnings from the modeling and acting jobs they help you land. This is entirely accurate and also a complete misnomer.


For those that are serious about breaking into the entertainment industry, One Source Talent is a fee based service that covers your marketing materials, photos, networking sessions, online access and many other tools and services to ensure the best possible opportunity to find success and be cast for various bookings. We also offer dozens of free opportunities and tools right here on this very website that can help you break into the industry without ever paying us a dime. Again, it's our fundamental belief to put the needs, wishes and goals of aspiring talent ahead of anything else.


You can and should take advantage of our Open Calls and evaluations which are by far the quickest and easiest way to gain knowledge about the industry as a whole, our company and its history, get a clearer picture about your possibilities and also to get started modeling or acting on the right foot.


We've also offer an open casting calls section which contains over eighty-nine castings that anybody and everybody are free to apply to for big networks such as MTV, FOX, TLC, TV Land, ABC, CBS, BRAVO, NBC, THE CW, VH1, CMT, The History Channel, and many more.


We've successfully helped casting agents find talent for reality or reality competition shows such as The X Factor, Wife Swap, Tough Love, America's Got Talent, Minute To Win It, Parental Control, The Biggest Loser, and many other popular television shows.


Another false accusation about One Source Talent being a scam is that we never help our talent find modeling or acting jobs. We consider this to be downright slander and fight it when and where possible. Unfortunately for us, many such comments are made online anonymously and thus are unable to be dealt with in a civilized and professional manner.


One Source Talent is a company made up of real people; mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. As a dedicated part of the hiring process in any Once Source Talent office, we only recruit those who want to add value to our talent's lives and help them further their career.


Additionally and as mentioned earlier, we have thousands upon thousands upon thousands of video and written success stories and testimonials from our talent who benefited from what One Source Talent offers and found success breaking into this industry with our help. They are living proof of the validity of our service and the legitimacy of our company and efforts.


You can check out all of our live success stories and testimonials here .


One talent we are most proud of is Diamond White. She joined One Source Talent in the early stages of our company and she and her family are still great friends with us till this very day.



It is the resolute drive of One Source Talent to help aspiring talent across the nation find success in this industry. The road goes both ways however; you've got to help us, help you. If you decide that you're serious about this industry and you join One Source Talent to gain access to more opportunities, access to some really great people, some proven modeling and acting tools and services to help you succeed but it is up to you to use those people, tools and services to take advantage of those opportunities.


It's like joining a gym. You could walk into the best gym in your city and sign up for a membership but if you don't get your butt up, go to the gym and put effort in the exercises then it's not going to do you any good. Right? It's not the gym's fault. It doesn't make the gym a scam or a bad place.


One thing we've noticed over the years is that the some talent who are unhappy with our service are simply not logging into their accounts and not taking advantage and not putting forth the effort.


Take for example another one of our talent, Mary J. Have a look at her comp card.


Mary has sent us multiple success stories about participating in theater shows, commercials, photo shoots and films and she's logged into her account over 1,100 times! She has a true industry career because of One Source Talent, something she never had before us, and is living proof that if you put our tools to use and put forth the time and energy that you can find success in this industry with One Source Talent.


So, now that you know a little more about us, what we've done, and what we continue to do, how could you consider One Source Talent a scam or not legit?


It's our mission to help you break into the world of acting and / or modeling. If you're serious about this industry and feel that a fee based service is right for you as it has been for all of our amazing talent then great; we would love to have you come in for an evaluation. If not, we still encourage you to take advantage of all the other great free tools we offer in hopes that you will still find some level of success.


Last, but not least, we want to make sure you know that, also differing from an agency, our talent sign no contract. This means no long term commitment required and pay as you go. If at any time you feel like you are not getting enough opportunities or just don't have the time right now to give the effort or attend the castings then you can easily cancel. No hard feelings and we'll be here if things change for you.


If you still have any questions or concerns after reading this page, please feel free to head over to our Contact Page and shoot us an email. Somebody in a managerial position will receive and respond to your email in a timely manner.


Thanks for stopping by and we wish you the best of luck on your journey.


The One Source Talent Family